Click of the Wrist – Sounds Like Spring

It’s official: spring has sprung, and even if the weather’s not cooperating, we’re already on the lookout for signs of new life. Plants are pushing up through the ground. There’s a hint of warmth on the breeze. And are those summery clouds in the sky? Some of the best harbingers of spring, though, are the springtime sounds. Click through these links to listen to the sounds of the season!


Few sounds are so closely associated with the warmer months as are the calls of amphibians. These mp3s of the mating calls of common Canadian frogs will put you in a springtime mood?and help you identify who’s lurking in your own backyard.

Listen Up

Sure, you hear the sounds of spring. But are you really listening to what they’re saying to you? This blog piece is a nice reflection?and a reminder that sights, sounds, and smells may trigger deeper thoughts within.

Voices of Spring

The Johann Strauss, Jr. waltz Voices of Spring is a lilting, uplifting classical piece That’s a must-listen each year. Here, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra performs it.