Click of the Wrist – International Museum Day

May 18 is International Museum Day. But if you’ve got other plans, don’t despair?an increasing number of museums, galleries, and other organizations are creating detailed online exhibits, and you can browse them anytime, anywhere. Check out these links and experience museums from the Smithsonian in Washington, DC to the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar.

Google Art Project

Want to broaden your artistic awareness? Visit Google Art Project, which has worked with museums around the world to provide access to art pieces as well as historical artifacts, photographs, and manuscripts. Exhibits include video and audio guides, viewing notes, and educational materials, and some of the artwork can be examined ?at brushstroke level detail.?

Smithsonian Online

The Smithsonian museums are world-renowned for their well-curated collections, and now their new multimedia experience brings some of them worldwide. The Museum of Natural History now has a panorama-style virtual tour that you can use to navigate halls and exhibits, zooming in to get a closer look at displays of particular interest. The MNH also has some specifically online multimedia exhibits.

Virtual Museum of Canada

The Virtual Museum of Canada is a project of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Through a partnership with Canadian museums, educational organizations, and private entities, the VMC offers ?a unique space featuring over 600 virtual exhibits, nearly 1 million images, and a wealth of engaging multimedia content.? It’s a fascinating way to explore the nation from the comfort of your home.

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