From Where I Sit – A Peek at My Week

Another incredibly busy week awaits. It’s late Monday as I write this, and I’m just back from Edmonton?my third trip in the last five days. Here’s a peek at what’s in store.

Monday: Today’s trip was part business, part pleasure. The business meeting was with a young mother who is considering hiring me to plan her son’s first birthday. What’s the big deal, you ask? A room at a country club, 100 guests, a catered meal at $25 a person, a professional photographer, and an entertainer make this one special party. This ain’t no Duncan Hines cake, hot dogs, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey affair. Before I can put together a quote I want to see the venue and determine the scope of my involvement. We don’t want to duplicate each other’s efforts or drop the ball like two outfielders who each think the other one’s got it. This young lady is very hands-on. I should know; I officiated at her wedding three years ago.

Next stop was the Apple store to pick up my new Mac desktop. At $2,000, the decision was a big one. I’m going to use every bit of the next two weeks to make sure it works in my setting, ergonomically speaking.

Tuesday: Tomorrow will be spent setting up the Mac, working on last minute details for an event I’m coordinating, and gathering up treasures for our multi-family garage sale this weekend. The evening will be spent chairing a library board meeting. As the new chair I’ve had to work like a fool to get processes in place and get us back on track. Part of the recent frustration in the group has been our inability to make these damn decisions in the first place. I intend to change that.

Wednesday: By today I should have the 2,500 brochures and 7,500 stickers that need to be stuffed into event packages. Rather, I’d better have them, because Thursday is distribution day. I’ll also be spending time preparing for the weekend’s garage sale. At least some of that was done ahead of time; last weekend I forced Hilary to sort through the boxes and bins of her stuff that have been stored here since she left home nine years ago.

Thursday: I will need to drive to Lamont and try to distribute supply packages to participating volunteers. Because many of them are elderly, I need to draw attention to the changes this year and ensure they know what to do. I need to be enthusiastic, positive, and grateful. That’s not hard to do.

Friday: After making a mad dash into the city, I’ll head back to sell, sell, sell. We hope for good weather so we can capture the heading-to-the-lake crowd that will pass through town.

Through all this I will be on-call in case Roy needs me while he plants the crop. The scary part? Next week doesn’t look much better, from where I sit.

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