Click of the Wrist – All the World’s a Stage

Summer’s a hot time to buy or sell a home, and competition is fierce. One aspect of home selling That’s grown hugely in popularity in recent years is home staging. Simply put, home staging means setting up your house so it looks more attractive to prospective buyers?and it may not always be as simple as you think. This week’s links offer some staging tips, strategies, and discussion.

On the Small Screen

HGTV’s hit show The Stagers says that staging is all about ?making people really want to live [there].? Watch clips from the show to see how the experts transform a room by creative painting, decorating, and furniture rearranging.

A Smaller Scale

Maybe we don’t have million-dollar homes like the clients on The Stagers, but staging is important for the rest of us, too. Here, HGTV offers several recommendations for making your home look more attractive to potential buyers. Most of the suggestions are at a reasonable cost, too.

Clutter Buster

One of the top tips in home staging is, of course, to get rid of the clutter. And while we may not be hoarders, most of us have plenty of excess stuff That’s just lying around unused. The simple living guru at the zenhabits blog gives his top tips for decluttering your space.

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