Click of the Wrist – Dirty

How does your garden grow?

If agricultural experts are right, then how it grows is going to largely depend on what It’s grown in. The ?dirt? that you use in planting?the soil?can profoundly affect plant health, crop yield, and even taste and nutrition. Click through this week’s links to learn more.

Better Taste

It’s common knowledge that the soil in which grapes are grown affects the taste of the wine. According to some claims, there’s something similar going on with vegetables, too. This Globe article explains how it works?and what you need to do to ensure your soil gives a tasty harvest.

All about Nutrition

Are the vegetables our parents and grandparents ate the same as the ones we consume now? Studies agree that modern crops are comparatively nutritionally deficient, and according to this Scientific American article the culprit could be as simple as soil That’s been depleted by harsh agricultural methods.


It’s no secret that compost can improve the quality of your soil. Read through to discover what compost can do for your particular soil type (and click back to the main page for a wealth of information on composting and gardening with compost).


No soil, no problem?for a certain growing trend known as air planting. Air plants lend a modern air to a room and make a great hostess gift, too!