International News Desk – At Home: You Want Fries with That? – Around the World: Incredible Paint

International News Desk – At Home: You Want Fries with That? – Around the World: Incredible Paint

At Home: You Want Fries with That?

In the mood for junk food?with the ambience of fine dining? You may want to check out the new upscale food court in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall.

As The Toronto Star reports, the food court?which mall management told reporters is more appropriately referred to as a ?food collection???takes reservations? by phone or via a smart phone app.

The reservation system allows customers to have a more relaxed and ?civil? experience, management told reporters, even though hungry shoppers can still chow down on KFC, Subway, and the like. Oversized fireplaces, plates and cutlery, a patio, bag hooks under the tables, a translator service, and a ?perfume butler? add to the upscale mood.

The food court is located on the third floor, near high-end shopping like Tiffany?s, Tory Burch, and Cartier.

Around the World: Incredible Paint

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry?but right now he’s more embarrassed than anything else.

As the Toronto Sun reports, a Brazilian man found his transformation into the Incredible Hulk was a bit more permanent than he would have liked.

As part of a charity fundraiser for the group Challenge for Peace, the 35-year-old Paul Henrique dos Santos had donned a costume and green body paint to resemble the ?angry Marvel Hero.?

His generous gesture fell flat, however, when he tried to remove the paint after the event. After ?20 baths? and much rigorous scrubbing, the vibrant green colour has not diminished.

?I spent hours in the bath trying to get this makeup and nothing,? he told reporters, adding that the colour appears to be ?impregnated in [his] body.? He has been sleeping on plastic to protect other surfaces from the colour.

Dos Santos is now concerned that his future is on the line; he fears that his unusual appearance ?will hamper his jobs as a pool cleaner and DJ/singer, or worse, give him lead poisoning.? He ?plans to sue the store and the manufacturer.?

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