Did You Know? – Connexions

Whether You’re in need of supplemental material for a course, want to hone your skills or brush up on the basics over the summer, or just have a keen interest in pursuing a subject a little further, be sure to check out the customizable learning modules at Connexions.

Connexions, which describes itself as ?the textbook equivalent of Wikipedia,? is really a lot more. The innovative resource is an open education ?dynamic digital educational ecosystem? with two components: a huge content repository and a customizable content management system. The repository is made up of over 17,000 quality-controlled learning modules, short lessons that include multimedia as well as examples, problems, and text. Subject matter ranges from math to copyright law to disaster management to business and finance?and everything in between.

If you want to put together your own studies, you can use the content management software to copy modules and group them into a personal collection–which you can save and view online or download for working through at your leisure.

Overwhelmed? The repository also includes ready-made collections, which are sets of modules that have been grouped according to subject matter and specific level. There are over 1,000 collections currently available.

The resources at Connexions are freely available to all, and content can be accessed and downloaded via mobile devices as well as over the Internet.

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