Click of the Wrist – Get a Job

So you’ve graduated?congratulations!?and now comes the fun part. Well, maybe not so much fun. In today’s economy, getting a job or applying for a promotion is a full-time job in itself, and certainly a frustrating and stressful one. Check out these links for inspiration and helpful tips.

Social Media

Social Media is the big bad wolf of job seeking?or is it? Not according to this Harvard Business Review article, which discusses how to make social media work for you. Used properly, these resources can help you make contacts, spread your portfolio, and land interviews and, eventually, jobs.

Creativity Pays Off

don’t be too original, job applicants are warned; most would-be employers frown upon resumes that seem gimmicky or just too clever. And yet these job applicants took the risk, and their creativity and knowledge of the employer resulted in a hiring. Click through for some inspiration!

Back to Basics

All the creativity in the world won’t get you very far, though, if you approach the job market without a plan. The Huffington Post gives some solid advice for organizing your job hunt.