International News Desk – At Home: Get Your Goat – Around the World: Play Ball

International News Desk – At Home: Get Your Goat – Around the World: Play Ball

At Home: Get Your Goat

Does your lawn need help? Forget the expensive riding mower or the pesticide-laden weed killer. Your solution could be as simple as a pair of goats.

As the Toronto Sun reports, a golf course near Barrie, Ontario, ?could possibly be the first course in Canada to put four-legged grounds keepers on staff.?

The golf course, whose innovative approach to lawn care includes two six-month-old goats, is ?[attempting] to reduce the pesticide and herbicide load that almost all golf courses experience.? Because of the course’s proximity to wildlife, its owners are particularly concerned with keeping harmful substances out of the area.

The goats eat the weeds? flowers, later moving on to the rest of the ?weeds that crowd the cart path.?

Course superintendent Chris Gulliver says that the idea evolved from the practices of other countries: ?If you look back old school in Scotland where golf originated, it was goats and sheep that kept most of those golf courses trimmed and weed-free,? he told reporters.

The plan raised some eyebrows, but it makes sense ?from a monetary side,? too, Gulliver told reporters, adding that the ?cost of these two goats is equivalent to about one carton of herbicide.?

Around the World: Play Ball

Things can get crazy at Little League games, no doubt. Coaches heckle umpires. Parents yell at coaches. Dust and dirt are everywhere. It’s no secret that many league policies could use an overhaul, too. But one spectator is taking her reaction too far: She’s suing an 11-year-old player for a throw that went awry.

As the Huffington Post reports, New Jersey resident Elizabeth Lloyd was attending a Little League game, sitting at a picnic table next to the field. The kids were getting ready for the game, and catcher Matthew Migliaccio was in the bullpen ?warming up a pitcher.?

One of Matthew’s return throws overshot the pitcher and hit Lloyd in the face. She sustained injuries and is demanding $150,000 in medical expenses and more for ?pain and suffering.? Her claim: that the ?errant throw was intentional and reckless? and ?assaulted and battered? her.

Meanwhile, her lawsuit has sparked an outrage. Anthony Pagano, Matthew’s attorney, told reporters that ?It’s disgusting that you have people suing an 11-year-old kid for overthrowing his pitcher in the bullpen.?

After all, kids aren’t professionals and ?Little League players aren’t always accurate in their throws.?

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