An App for That – SkyWeek Plus

In this new series, we’ll profile cool smart phone apps that you just might not want to live without.

SkyWeek Plus

If You’re keen on amateur astronomy?or just don’t want to miss the Perseid meteor shower again?download Sky and Telescope magazine’s SkyWeek Plus app. Users get sky charts, weekly roundups, and alerts about important astronomical news, but best of all is the calendar feature: with a few swipes you can add celestial events to your phone’s calendar and get reminders so you don’t forget to go outdoors and observe.

A few notes: SkyWeek Plus is synched to star charts in the northern hemisphere only. It is available in Apple iTunes for $2.99 and is compatible with iPhones and iPads (Android users can download the free basic SkyWeek app, which includes star charts and weekly updates.)