Click of the Wrist – Athletic Feats

Think Olympic stadiums are the only venues for great athletic feats? Think again; adventurers all over the world are engaging in long-distance cycling, swimming, and running events in which the only awards might be personal achievement. Read these athletes? stories and give them a little recognition:

Crossing Lake Ontario

Speed swimming takes strength and coordination, but long-distance swimming requires a completely different set of skills. Lake Ontario, with its heavy winds and treacherous waves, is considered one of the three most difficult swims in the world. Recently Oakville, Ontario resident Madhu Naharaja completed the swim successfully?only the 50th person to do so?after being in the water for 24 hours!

Rickshaw Cycling to the Olympics

After watching the closing ceremonies in Beijing in 2008, a Chinese farmer ?was inspired to travel to the next host city for the Games by the only way he could afford ? rickshaw,? the BBC reports. He left in 2010 and arrived in London this past month, after just over two years full of adventures. His goal? To carry a ?message of peace and environmental protection.?

Canadian Death Race

125 kilometres in 24 hours?over three mountains and one river? No wonder It’s called the Canadian Death Race! Yet on Saturday, 1200 people will gather in Grand Cache, Alberta, to take part in it. Read through these interviews for a glimpse at the motivation and fortitude of the runners.

A Piece of History

To celebrate the centennial of the Amundsen-Scott race to the South Pole, adventurers took part in a similar race this past January. This interview gives an idea of just what it takes to travel in the harshest environment on earth.