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Typically early September is when AU has its highest enrollment, as this is when graduating high school students or people seeking to re-enter school start looking for options.

Whether You’re a new student or continuing with a long-term educational plan, here are some tools you may not have known about:

The AU Math Site has a self-evaluation test that allows you to see what level of math course you would be suited for. It also works well to find out just how much you may have forgotten since taking math in high school. However, if the very idea of taking a math course is a bit daunting (or your results from the self-evaluation have embarrassed you), the Math Site also has the rather unfortunately-named Remedial Math Centre, which is ?intended to give you a safe place to learn where there is no shame in not knowing and where your mistakes will not cost you anything but another opportunity to correct them.? It is a good resource, so don’t be turned off by the name; think of it as a ?Practice Math Centre? rather than remedial, and it is more appealing.

For writing, there is AU’s Write Site page. Like the Math Site, this resource also includes a self-evaluation test, but it is more complicated; It’s recommended that you put aside three hours to complete it. As It’s comprised of several different sections, hopefully AU will implement some sort of pause feature into it in the near future.

In addition to the self-test, the Write Site has a lot of information about the research and writing process, including guides on how to write different types of essays for different types of courses, how to research and effectively use the AU Library, and how to research for specific topics.

Most importantly, however, the site also provides writing coaching. You can submit an assignment and the coaches provide feedback (not editing) on areas on which you need to concentrate on to improve your work. Once again, It’s not an editing service, but rather it helps you learn how to become a better editor of your own work. And that is something that can last you throughout your entire academic career and beyond.

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