In Conversation With . . . Thought Beneath Film, Part II

In Conversation With . . . Thought Beneath Film, Part II

Thought Beneath Film is a five-piece alternative rock band based in Hamilton, Ontario. The band has recently released its debut EP, Detours, and is now touring Canada’s East Coast. Recently vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist Brent Wirth took the time to talk to Wanda Waterman about Carl Jung, feeding the muse, and managing writer’s block. Read Part I of this interview here.

A Testament to Pent-up Energy

Thought Beneath Film throws off energy vibes typical of the Ramones and OK Go. What is the source of this kind of hyperactive intensity?

?I can’t speak on behalf of all of my band members,? says Brent, ?but I know that Brian and I have a long history of playing in very mellow bands. don’t get me wrong?I love slow, droning songs from time to time?but I got really tired of playing music that wasn’t exciting to me. I think our songs? hyperactivity is a testament to all of that pent-up energy Brian and I had from over the years.?

Jung Obsessions

The lyrics on the Detours album reflect a mind that loves to probe the psychology of motivations and relationships. Songs like ?If I Could Fix You? and ?False Skin? demonstrate a preoccupation with the inner workings of the human mind.

?I never formally studied psychology,? Brent admits, ?but I’m fascinated by the work of Carl Jung, particularly concepts like archetypes and the collective unconscious. I’m always left wondering how much of our artistic tastes and tendencies are inherent and predefined by our heritage.?

Up Against the Wall

Brent is currently suffering from major writer’s block, he says. ?It all comes down to inspiration, and inspiration tends to stem from direct life experiences. Recently I’ve been so caught up with working and preparing for the release of the album and our upcoming tour that I haven’t really been out ?living life,? so to speak. Once that happens again, I’m sure the creative itch will return.?

But no worries; the oeuvre continues to unfold. ?Thankfully, we have a huge catalogue of older material we’re working through to keep us busy,? he says.

Feeding the Muse

?A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce continues to have a huge influence on my life since I first read it in high school. It deals with intellectual enlightenment and coming to terms with being an artist in an overly pragmatic society. It stimulated a great deal of introspection when I was younger, and has had a huge influence on my lyric writing ever since.?

Rationalizing Life Choices

?To some extent my views on religion and politics affect my creative output,? says Brent, ?but I never centre my lyrics on them.

?With that said, my sociological views are always at the forefront of my lyric writing. Being in my mid-20s, I’m at a point where most of my friends are making radical life changes. It has inevitably forced me to question my own life path. This ongoing struggle to rationalize my decision to pursue art and music has served as the basis for most of my lyrics recently.?