International News Desk – At Home: Emergency Vehicle – Around the World: Frozen

International News Desk – At Home: Emergency Vehicle – Around the World: Frozen

At Home: Emergency Vehicle

Big vehicles guzzle gas. they’re hard to park. They can be a menace on narrow streets. But It’s not all bad: their bulky frame can save lives, and not just the lives of their drivers.

As the Huffington Post reports, a Canadian Hummer driver ?used his car to shield four young children in danger of being run over.?

Darrell Krushelnicki was leaving a shopping centre in Edmonton when he saw ?a group of children [step] out into the crosswalk.? At the same time, a silver Pontiac was speeding toward the intersection. He appeared to be ?talking on his cellphone,? witnesses claim, and ?investigators say was traveling at close to 80 kilometers [per hour] . . . in a 30 kilometer . . . zone.?

Krushelnicki instinctively reacted: He ?quickly drove his . . . Hummer into the path of the oncoming vehicle,? pushing it aside ?before it could reach the crosswalk.? Neither driver received serious injury, although both vehicles sustained damage.

Krushelnicki has been lauded as a hero, but he told reporters, ?I believe anyone would have done that,? adding, ?There was really no one else, I just had to do . . . what I did.?

The driver of the Pontiac ?has . . . been charged with dangerous driving.?

Around the World: Frozen

A 59-year old woman is in critical condition after she spent several days stuck inside a freezer in her home.

As ABC News reports, Theresa Christian is believed to have ?climbed inside . . . over the weekend to seek shelter from bad storms and tornadoes.? According to police, ?evidence inside suggests that she did try and [struggle] to get the door open.?

It took as many as five days before she was be rescued.

After several days of silence, her son came looking for his mother and ?heard moaning coming from near the freezer chest.? At the time of rescue, Christian had suffered ?severe frostbite? and was unable to speak clearly to officers.