Click of the Wrist – Performance Art

Performance art is hardly new, but it never seems to get old, with innovative artists creating still more unique concepts every day. Spice up the dinner conversation this Thanksgiving by talking about some of these gems:

Photoshoppers Need Not Apply

Beijing artist Li Wei combines acrobatics and photography in his photos, which, unbelievably, haven’t been computer-altered. To achieve the unreal effect, Wei uses ?props such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics.?

Follow That Ball

An artist. A travelling giant red ball. Sounds like a winner, right? Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project is a constantly changing, innovative bit of performance art. He bounces the ball to cities around the world, and spectators and fans can join in the fun and respond or encourage the ball to visit their own home cities?meaning, Perschke says on his project’s site, that ?[in] that moment the person is not a spectator but a participant in the act of imagination.?

Staring Contest

A couple of years ago, New York’s Museum of Modern Art hosted a unique, interactive display: artist Marina Abramovic engaged visitors in a 700-hour staring contest. Visitors stood in line to sit across from her and stare?some for a short time, some for hours. Abramovic told reporters that ?The work is done for the audience . . . [without] the audience, the work doesn’t exist. It doesn’t have any meaning.?