Did You Know? – Minding My Own Business

Most of us have at some time?even if only briefly?entertained the dream of running our own businesses. Maybe we already have a great idea, one that we’re sure would be at least a moderate success. But making the jump between idea and reality is such a drastic step that we get stuck at stage one; overwhelmed, we back away too soon and our plans go by the wayside.

MyOwnBusiness, a free online resource for entrepreneurs, seeks to change this by ?helping people start and succeed in business.? The site offers free courses which guide students through the often complicated process of creating and building small businesses. Courses cover topics like business plans, insurance, negotiating, growth, and even exit strategies, and textbook versions of the online course contents are also available.

If you’ve already taken the class, you can apply to become an instructor; in addition to being accessible online, the courses are also suitable for in-person instruction at community colleges, non-profit organizations, or even private tutoring sessions.