International News Desk – At Home: Big Toys – Around the World: Rising Dead

International News Desk – At Home: Big Toys – Around the World: Rising Dead

At Home: Big Toys

A Port Hope, Ontario boy truly owns an ?iron giant.?

As the Toronto Sun reports, 11-year-old Maximus Dacey’s giant Transformer replica stands seven metres high and was ?made from transmissions and auto parts – with the odd door knob thrown in.?

Currently the toy is sitting ?in the driveway of his parents? store, Primitive Designs.? The Transformer was built to celebrate the store’s 10th anniversary on location, but the idea came from Maximus himself.

During a trip to Asia, he saw ?a bunch of small (Transformers) about three feet tall,? Maximus told reporters, adding that he ?thought, ?Why don’t we get a bigger one made.??

His dad was keen on the idea and the giant toy gradually took shape.

While the Transformer is currently sitting outdoors, it will be moved to a storage building in anticipation of harsher weather; the creation will barely fit, with just three inches to spare.

Around the World: Rising Dead

Huck Finn attended his own funeral; but nowadays, walking in on your wake is pretty hard to pull off. But recently, a Brazilian man did just that–with no prank intended.

As the BBC reports, 41-year-old Gilberto Araujo ?gave his relatives the shock of their lives when he turned up at his own wake at his mother’s home.?

Araujo, a car washer, had not been seen by his brother in four months. When the brother ?heard news that a car washer had been killed, and when he saw a body in the mortuary which looked very much like his brother, he assumed it was Gilberto.?

Gilberto was approached in the street by an acquaintance, who told him he was supposed to be dead. He tried to call his mother’s home, where the wake was being held, but the friend who answered the phone ?thought it was a hoax and hung up.?

When Gilberto appeared at the house, he ?[caused] some people to faint and others to flee in fear.?

But his mother was ?overjoyed when her son showed up alive.?