Click of the Wrist – Theme Park

Maybe your favourite amusement park has closed for the season–or, if you prefer warmer destinations, the busy season’s getting into swing. This week’s links investigate a few lesser-known, original, and downright odd theme parks. It’s time to rethink that family vacation!

No Dynamite

Napoleon: dictator or saviour? You may be able to decide yourself in a few years, when France’s proposed Napoleonland opens. Besides a museum, reenactments, and other tributes to the French military leader, the park is planned to include a ?ski run through a wintry battlefield, complete with frozen bodies of soldiers and horses.?

Like the Dickens

Curious about what life was really like for Pip, Oliver Twist, and David Copperfield? Dickens World brings 19th-century England to life in modern times–right down to, as one journalist complained, ?odors of offal and rotting cabbage.?

Flush with Fun

Forget cartoon characters or historical eras; this theme park is dedicated to toilets. That’s right; the newly-opened Restroom Cultural Center in South Korea, situated in a toilet-shaped building, includes the history of restrooms, toilet memorabilia from around the world, and ?sculpture garden of statues of people in mid-squat.?