Click of the Wrist – Style Wise

You’ve got that paper half finished, but now You’re stuck, in need of a break, or just curious about your writing style. This week’s links may not give you direct inspiration, but they provide a fun (if slightly procrastinating) and different take on the writing and editing process. Enjoy–but don’t forget to go back to work!

Writer Buddy

What famous writer does your style most resemble? Stephen King? Dan Brown? This online tool ?analyzes your word choice and writing style? and determines which writer’s style matches yours. You might be in for a surprise!

Level Up

Is your essay sophisticated but full of jargon? Or eminently readable, but too simplistic for a university paper? The online Writing Tester won’t give you the exact answer, but it can point you in the right (write?) direction by analyzing your work and telling you the grade level and the readability score of what you’ve written. You’ll be able to compare different edits and improve either or both scores–and hopefully up your paper’s grade into the bargain.

Analyze This

If You’re an English nerd–or You’re desperate for a legitimate-sounding procrastination activity–be sure try out this text analysis tool. It tells you things like your average sentence length, how many syllables in your longest word, and more probably useless but infinitely entertaining stats about what you’ve written.