Click of the Wrist – One House to Rule Them All

There’s no place like home for the holidays–especially if that holiday, if you can call it that, is the release of the first film in the Hobbit trilogy. This week’s links take a peek into hobbit holes real and pretend.

Built My House of Bricks

While LEGO has released many cool sets as tie-ins to the movie, the best project of them all isn’t for sale. At LEGO headquarters, a group of designers spent 3,000 hours creating a life-sized Bag End out of two million LEGO bricks. Take a look at the photos of this masterpiece–the chimney even smokes!

Be My Guest

If You’re not merely content to look at hobbit-sized dwellings, consider staying in replicas like the Hobbit House of Montana, which ?incorporates the mystique and caricature of a cozy Hobbit House from the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien.?


Move over, traditional building materials; this artist created a replica of Bilbo Baggins? house out of 2,600 balloons–a task so monumental that his fingers grew swollen. The time-lapse video is particularly mind-blowing.

Hobbit Cave

A cave in Indonesia might give clues to a real ?hobbit? house–It’s the site of the discovery of an ancient hominid who’s been nicknamed the ?hobbit? due to his physical characteristics. Discovery has the details.