Best of The Voice 2012

Well, we survived the holiday season?not to mention the end of the world! But even though we’ve already put away the decorations and made (and broken!) New Year’s resolutions, the celebration isn’t over quite yet: It’s time for the Best of The Voice issue, our annual showcase of some of our best writing from the preceding year.

This year’s Best of The Voice is bursting with reviews, articles, reflections, and more?a perfect sampling of the diverse tones and styles you’ll find in any given issue of The Voice Magazine.

Each week you’ll see a wide spectrum of features, ranging from personal experiences and musings on life to current events and hot topics, interviews, travelogues, course reviews, humour, and more.

In our longest-running column, ?From Where I Sit,? Hazel Anaka talks about the ups and downs of life in small town Alberta?and by extension, life in general. In addition to periodic features on quality of life, spirituality, and the like, we have a focus on health: Naturopathic doctor Katie D?Souza’s ?Health Matters? column covers trends in natural healing.

If you write essays or novels or just love reading, you’ll want to check out S.D. Livingston’s ?Write Stuff,? a column that looks at trending topics in the world of literature, self-publishing, and more.

Want to get more specific recommendations? In her ?Mindful Bard? and ?Gregor’s Bed? columns, reviewer Wanda Waterman discusses books, music and film that are aesthetically pleasing and socially relevant, or that stand out as uniquely and authentically avant-garde.

For students, columnist Maxie van Roye covers ideas, tips and trends for improving study habits or figuring out the best path to take on your own educational journey. We also offer the latest news from AUSU and include a regular mini-feature that highlights websites and services of special interest to students?whether AU-based or available elsewhere online.

Finally, each week you’ll find news bites, trivia, and any number of features to inform, inspire, and intrigue you. There’s something for everyone in The Voice Magazine.

So pull out the silly hats, the whistles, and maybe even a cracker and a glass of champagne. Come celebrate with us in 2013!