Click of the Wrist – New Year, New You

If You’re one of the millions of people who’ve created New Year’s resolutions?or at least some short or long-term goals to get you through 2013?you may be pulling your hair in frustration right about now. By mid-January, our enthusiasm for ?new year, new you? is starting to fade as the reality of life sets in. But goal setting and keeping is an ongoing process, and sometimes the most important step is figuring out where we need to go. Check out these links for guidance; It’s never too late to change the course of the year!

Simple Living Manifesto

Zen Habits blogger Leo Babauta puts it succinctly: to simplify, we need only ?[identify] what’s most important? and ?[eliminate] everything else.? The problem is that this exercise can be overwhelmingly complicated. For a little more guidance on how to get the process started, Babauta’s ?72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life? is an excellent tool.

One for the Earth

January is always a good time to start practicing new habits?whether under the guise of resolutions or not. Here, Biofriendly’s blog offers some simple ways we can help reduce waste and improve the health of our planet. 2013 can be our greenest year yet!

Track Your Progress

Part of successful change requires keeping track of progress toward goals or resolutions. This site reviews a few online tools for personal and professional goal management; you might just find the perfect vehicle to help you put your dreams into orbit.