Click of the Wrist – Express Yourself

As Toronto begins a new and controversial program examining the value of graffiti in the city, It’s a good time to take a look at how this art form is growing and evolving. While the debate rages?art or not??check out these links for a new look at what graffiti and street art are all about.

Best of the Best

Some of the street art out there is pretty fascinating. The Street Art Utopia blog showcases creations found around the world. Check out some of the readers? favourites?you’ll never think of graffiti the same way.

Virtual Tour

Want to travel the world’s streets in search of inspiration? The Street Art View site, ?a collaborative collection of sites from Google Street View showcasing street art all over the globe,? allows you to zoom in for a close-up view of street art around the world. See something local that piques your interest? Because the site is connected with Google Street View, You’re able to pinpoint locations on a map and explore the area further.


Not all street art requires paint. The GreenGraffiti movement, which uses pressure washers to create ?clean? artwork amid the grime of the streets, has morphed graffiti and eco-friendliness into a unique marketing strategy. The New York Times discusses the controversy.


Even artists themselves disagree on the purpose and permanence of graffiti and street art. This CNN article, which interviews an Atlanta street artist, lays out a few of the differing viewpoints.