don’t Give Up On Me

You say, ?It’s not working out?

You say you can’t cope

But when you give up on me

You’re putting into words what I feel inside

You’re proving to me that I was right:

I can’t do it

It’s too hard

Why should I even try?

Are you surprised when I get frustrated? Are you surprised when I wander away from my work? Are you surprised when I stop bothering, too?

Did you think I wasn’t seeing? Did you think I wasn’t learning? Did you think I wasn’t taking cues, mirroring them in my own life and attitudes?

You didn’t teach me, and I didn’t know why.

You didn’t teach me, so I existed in a half-limbo of confusion and anxiety.

You didn’t teach me?but I learned.

I learned that when there’s a problem, you should walk away from it.

I learned that if a challenge looks too challenging, you should stop before you start.

I learned that if you can’t clearly see the future, you shouldn’t create a vision.

I learned that you shouldn’t believe or dare to dream.

You said I couldn’t learn much. You said there was no point. You said I’d just get frustrated and give up.

But you gave up instead.

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