Click of the Wrist – DIY Bling

The jury is still debating what history will record as the theme of the 2000s, but so far it looks like the 2010s are shaping up to be the decade of DIY design. Forget the stuff hanging on racks in the mall?items made ?just for you? are the bling of the day.

Your very own bobble

If creeping people out is your goal, you can’t go wrong with a custom bobblehead designed to look just like a balloon-skulled, glassy-eyed, limp-necked, version of you! Bobbles come in a huge variety of poses and can be designed as single people, couples, or even pets. You simply choose a pose, then customize the figures individually for skin tone, eye colour, hair style, and clothing, and you can add accessories such as glasses, hats, or tattoos. ?Skilled artists? will then carve your likeness onto the face of the toy, based on a photograph you provide. You can even choose from a wide range of custom wedding cake toppers, but these appear to be limited to mixed gender couples. Get with the decade!

You may need more than an Allen key

If you have trouble assembling IKEA bookcases with the tools provided, go no further; for those who have mastered the Allen key and are ready for more, this is your site! Ikea Hackers modify or repurpose IKEA products to create unique items. The resulting ?hacks? are featured on this site with pictures and instructions. While some are incredibly simple (e.g., using wardrobe doors for a headboard), others are for the more advanced hacker: consider the Tertial Lamp Chandelier, comprised of a dozen goose-neck desk lamps. It likely draws upwards of 700 watts and puts out enough heat to let you use your dining table as an Easy-Bake oven, but hey, your friends won’t have one!

Like cooking

Why settle for M&Ms candy in the standard colour assortment when you can make your own? Yes, there is an app for that: sort of. On the M&Ms web site you can create custom mixtures of the candy by choosing up to 3 colours from a selection of more than 20. But don’t stop there; you can change the text or add clip art, and design custom packages too. Order a batch in your wedding colours to go along with your doppelganger cake topper, and you are truly master of the DIY bling.