Click of the Wrist – I Can’t Believe They’re Selling That

Click of the Wrist – I Can’t Believe They’re Selling That

Cue the disappointed sighs: Scope’s much-hyped bacon mouthwash was just a drawn-out April Fool’s prank. But can you blame us for believing? The meaty mouthwash would have joined an illustrious list of products that probably should never have been marketed:

HuffPost Top 15

What are the 15 ?stupidest products of all time?? The spray-on hair and the ?boob separator? both earn an honourable mention in the Huffington Post‘s list. The slideshow links to actual marketing videos?you’ll swear It’s all a hoax!

For the Greater Good

There are stupid products and products that raise the eyebrows of even the more open-minded. And then there are these: products which essentially have been created in order to allow the buyer to lead a life of crime, stalk, deceive, or otherwise engage in antisocial behaviour. Check out Cracked’s top six.

And Speaking of Classy

Sometimes It’s not the product itself That’s the problem, It’s the marketing?or the timing?or a combination of all three. This list of the ?five worst marketing ideas ever put into action? will make even the hardiest consumer cringe.

Cue the Creative

Stupid products bring out the best in us?in terms of sense of humour, that is. This Cracked article profiles some really bizarre products which have garnered hilarious, sarcastic reviews from Amazon users. There’s hope for the human race yet!