Click of the Wrist – Green Spaces

April’s all about the green?for Earth Day, that is. And yet despite our commitment to recycling, sustainability, and environmental preservation, a recent study suggests that fewer Canadians than ever are taking the opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s wide-open green spaces. From national parks to protected forests, there’s green everywhere?if you know where to look. These links may help get you started:

The Encyclopedia

Your starting point for any national park visit?whether You’re investigating the nearest site, looking for hiking trail information, or researching natural history?is the Parks Canada website. The government-run site contains a wealth of information that will help make your visit a success.

The Artist

Searching for inspiration? For a different look at Canada’s national park system, check out the National Parks Project, an interactive multimedia site created to celebrate the system’s centennial in 2011. A variety of filmmakers, artists, and musicians visited Canadian national parks and collaborated to create an experience for each park in order to express ?the unique essence of the surrounding environment.?

The Astronomer

Sometimes the preservation of nature’s not just about the green. Light pollution has affected the way we see the sky, but Canada is home to many protected stargazing areas, often called dark-sky preserves, reserves, or parks. Canadian Geographic magazine has the details (and links to some helpful stargazing apps!).