Did You Know? – Student of Fortune

Have a question you need answered? Confused about that mathematical concept and need some one-on-one help? Lost, stuck, or unable to wait for formal help via your course tutor?

Student of Fortune may have your answers?literally.

The online service pairs up students and would-be tutors without a formalized arrangement like many tutoring organizations require. The site itself is free to use and browse, though tutors are paid for their tutorial work.

Start out by submitting a question, and tutors will respond by creating and offering personalized tutorials to help meet your needs. The website will allow you to preview the tutorials, view tutor ratings, and more; you can then choose to purchase a tutorial through the website (the money goes to the tutors).

Anyone can join as a student or a tutor. If you’ve got an area That’s been confusing you, or You’re a subject matter expert and want to earn a few bucks helping other students, check out Student of Fortune to get the learning journey started.