Click of the Wrist – I Need a Hero

Iron Man 3 is out this weekend (Tony Stark!), which means a renewed interest in comic book-style superheroes. What do you know about Canadian superheroes? Free comics? Real-life super powers and caped crusaders? Click through the links to discover the fact and the fiction.

Heroes of the North

Heroes of the North is breaking new ground in the comic industry. Set in Canada, the ?unique transmedia experience? involves not just traditional art forms like comic books, but also live-action webisodes, photos, websites, blogs, and even social media and video gaming.

Real Superheroes

Ever wish you could don a cape and save the world? Okay, maybe not. But a number of real-life people have indeed taken on superhero personas to help the homeless or needy. This photo series shows the uniqueness of the real-life superhero culture.

The Powers That Be

If you watch the History Channel, You’re probably aware that some individuals have unusual physical abilities that seem to mirror super powers possessed by various action heroes. This article introduces a few (and suggests their comic book world parallel).

Free Comics

Whether You’re a long-time comic book fan or newly curious about the genre, be sure to nab your free books during Free Comic Book Day this weekend. It’s held the first Saturday in May every year at participating comic book shops across North America, and often It’s more than free comics?many shops bring in special guests for book signings, sponsor cosplay contests, and set up activities for the kids.