International News Desk – At Home: Go South – Around the World: Wedding Save

International News Desk – At Home: Go South – Around the World: Wedding Save

At Home: Go South

Sure, snowbirds may not love cold Canadian winters. But for those who are equally fed up with chilly springs, there’s some good news: they can now spend a bit more time in the sun before coming home.

As the Sault Star reports, a recent immigration reform bill in the US may change ?the consecutive amount of time Canadian retirees can spend south of the border . . . to eight [months].?

The Canadian Snowbirds Association, which represents 700,000 people, has been lobbying the US government for 18 months to extend the length of time Canadians can stay stateside.

While currently Canadians may stay six consecutive months in the US, snowbirds find that ?the clock is ticking before they’re ready to leave their southern state rental properties.? The shorter time period was causing them to spend less time travelling in the US, which means that southern states were missing out on potential revenue.

Given the lateness of this spring, can anyone blame them for wanting to soak up the warm weather just a little longer?

Around the World: Wedding Save

The guests saved the date. But when the wedding itself came around, the bride and one of the bridesmaids did a bit of saving of their own: the life of one of their friends.

As the Daily Mirror reports, Kylie Cox, a Cornwall bride, was dancing at her reception when her 28-year-old friend suddenly collapsed in front of her.

Kylie, a nurse, immediately gave the man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, ?[managing] to keep the man alive with the help of a bridesmaid and her uncle until paramedics arrived.?

As the ambulance sped off, Kylie and her new husband both left the reception and ?went straight to the hospital where their friend was being treated.? The reception ended early, with guests worrying the man would die.

Later Kylie told reporters that she and her new husband ?spent the first night of our marriage at the hospital, because we didn’t know whether our friend was going to live or die.?

The friend survived?doctors say it was a ?miracle??and he will ?make a full recovery.?