International News Desk – At Home: Drink Your Heritage – Around the World: A Day in the Sun

International News Desk – At Home: Drink Your Heritage – Around the World: A Day in the Sun

At Home: Drink Your Heritage

Move over, Canadian brews: foamy mugs of beer are about to be replaced as Canadians? beverage of choice.

Or maybe not.

As The Toronto Star reports, there’s a new drink on the market, and It’s exclusive to Canada: poutine-flavoured pop.

That’s right. The Seattle-based Jones Soda Co., which has previously released soda flavours like Turkey & Gravy, Candy Cane, and Green Bean Casserole, is offering the ?new, unique flavour as a nod to our Canadian heritage,? a company representative told reporters.

Worried about authenticity? don’t be; the Jones Soda Co. spokesperson also told reporters that the drink is ?the perfect liquid version of [the] undisputedly Canadian delicacy,? noting that it offers ?a nice balance of rich, savory gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine.?

The soft drink is limited-release and will be available only in Quebec, Ontario, and BC.

Around the World: A Day in the Sun

Tired of miserable weather and slow spring temperatures? Happy to finally see a glimpse of the sun? Not nearly as happy as residents of rainy Bellingham, Washington, who were so elated at a rare pleasant forecast that one school actually closed for a ?sun day.?

As Yahoo! News reports, Bellingham Christian School decided to ?[welcome] in the warm air and blue skies of spring? by giving staff and students a day off.

Principal Bob Sampson told reporters that he wanted to ?create [the] same anticipation, joy and fun? of a snow day?in a place where the rarity of sunny skies made the announcement doubly exciting.

The school has done similar holidays in the past, but the most recent sun day was back in 2010. School policy only allows for sun days ?in years without snow days – a relative rarity in Bellingham, which sits less than 25 miles from the Canadian border.?

While Sampson and other staff offered sun day childcare to working parents, no one showed up to take advantage of it.

Looks like the kids weren’t the only ones celebrating the balmy weather.