Click of the Wrist – Work It Out

The long weekend is behind us, and that may have brought an unsettling thought. we’re on the cusp of summer, which means swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops?putting on display a whole lot of winter flabbiness that might make us long for the days of parkas. It’s not too late to get in shape for summer, though. Click through these links for a few suggestions.

Fitness Blender

No gym required?and no DVDs, either. Fitness Blender is a fantastic compilation of workout videos, whether You’re looking to tone your legs, amp up your cardio, or develop some upper back strength. Best of all, the videos are freely available online?the site is supported through donations.

Your Online Pal

If you need some accountability?or just want to keep track of your fitness goals?MyFitnessPal is ?a diet and fitness community built with one purpose in mind: providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals.? There’s a food database, fitness calculator, diary, and other tools to help you set and track your goals; and message boards and online challenges round out the community aspect. If you prefer by-the-minute access, they’ve got smart phone apps that are easy to use. And It’s all free!

Take It on the Road

If you need a little more motivation in your workouts, check out Mashable’s top ten exercise apps. From a zombie apocalypse-themed running coach to a database of yoga poses, there’s something for every fitness interest. (Note: many of these are not free, though some offer a free version with fewer capabilities.)

Your Own Backyard

How to turn your backyard into a gym?with no equipment? This Globe and Mail article has some great suggestions.