International News Desk – At Home: Know the North – Around the World: I Will Always Love You

International News Desk – At Home: Know the North – Around the World: I Will Always Love You

At Home: Know the North

Canada’s big cities may get all the press, but there’s a whole lot of the country extending northward. In a bid to encourage appreciation and understanding of Canada’s North, a national organization is sponsoring a northern history film contest for high school students.

As the CBC reports, the ?Expedition North? program, under the umbrella of the 2013 Canada’s History?Young Citizens Program, received submissions of ?heritage projects? that ?focus on a part of Aboriginal or Northern history; everything from traditional outdoor clothing, to the Gwich?in land claim agreement.?

Twenty-six students?seven of whom live in Nunavut and the NWT?are now finalists in the competition. Judging will go through two rounds: first a ?local? vote, in which anyone can go online to watch the submissions and choose a favourite; and the second, in which ?a panel of judges will make the final decision.?

The four winners will receive a trip to the Canada’s History Forum in Ottawa.

To view the submissions and cast your vote, check out the contest site.

Around the World: I Will Always Love You

There’s something to be said for going through life with a song and a smile. But singing the same song over and over again? That’s a little less welcome?especially if You’re on an airplane.

As the Independent reports, a US flight was diverted and ?forced to make an emergency landing after a woman on board refused to stop singing . . . ‘I Will Always Love You’.?

The woman began singing ?shortly after the flight took off,? and continued to sing the hit song over and over again. Halfway through the flight, ?the singing became unbearable,? but the woman refused to stop.

A federal marshal aboard the plane intervened, handcuffed the woman, and led her from the plane after it had been diverted. As she deplaned, she was ?still singing.?

Remarkably, she was released without charges.

?I Will Always Love You? was originally released by Dolly Parton, but it became famous after being covered by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard.