Click of the Wrist – All About Dad

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, and the grills are firing up?or the fishing tackle’s been stashed in the back of the pickup. However you choose to celebrate the day?or not?enjoy this miscellany on dads good, bad, and in between.

Bad Dad

Not all dads are great at fatherhood, and some are spectacularly bad. These are a few small-screen bad dads we love to hate.

Dads and Ads

Traditionally, marketing execs for children’s products and items for the home have geared their advertising toward women, portraying men as incompetent at cleaning and child care. No more; shifting domestic dynamics mean that more men than ever are managing home affairs and are proud of it. This Toronto Star article describes how the world of advertising is slowly getting on board with the reality of modern families.

Stuff Dad Says

Not that dad?of Tumblr fame?but a selection of celeb dads who have their own varied takes on fatherhood. Click through the slideshow for wit and wisdom from Prince William, Sean Penn, Elton John, and more.

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