Click of the Wrist – Flood Advisory

With the flooding that has ravaged southern Alberta, including Calgary and surrounding communities, It’s a good time to review flood safety and disaster preparedness. Whether you live in one of the affected communities or may face flood conditions or other natural disasters in your lifetime, check out these links?and stay safe!

Be Prepared

Floods, tornadoes, house fires, and severe storms can happen anywhere, and there’s no better way to face disasters than by having a plan in place. This comprehensive website, administered by the Government of Canada, helps users learn the risks for their area, create an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster, and put together their own emergency preparedness kits.

Coming Home

If you’ve been evacuated due to flood conditions, here’s what to expect when you come home?and how to keep safe as you try to put your life back to normal. This checklist from Alberta Health Services is a must-read.

Food and Flood

It’s just water, right? Isn’t food safe to eat after a flood has receded? Wrong?flood waters coming into contact with food can contaminate it and make it unsafe to eat. There’s an exception for certain types of shelf-stable food, but It’s very limited?and the containers must be carefully sanitized. Read this thorough document to learn how to safely deal with food after a flood.

In a Flash

Flash floods are common this time of year, when drought conditions meet sudden, violent storms. Did you know that half of all flood-related deaths occur when people try to drive through water covering the road? This podcast explains why it makes sense to ?Turn around?don’t drown.?