International News Desk – At Home: A Real Arctic Adventure; Around the World: Mummy Movement

International News Desk – At Home: A Real Arctic Adventure; Around the World: Mummy Movement

At Home: A Real Arctic Adventure

Want to see the Arctic?without the artificiality of a traditional tour? Some tourists got a little more adventure than they bargained for when they found themselves floating on an ice floe in frigid waters north of Arctic Bay, Nunavut.

As the Toronto Sun reports, the group of ?tourists, hunters and Inuit guides? was ?at a camp on the ice when it dislodged? from the shore. The ice floe floated out into open water.

Fortunately ?a lucky change in wind direction? pushed the ice floe back toward solid land?twice. By early Wednesday morning, everyone from the group had made it safely back to land.

The Air Force dropped food and supplies to the survivors, but as of Wednesday the group was still ?waiting to be picked up by police and military search and rescue crews.? Rescue operations have been slowed by the weather, which has created conditions making rescue very difficult.

The survivors soon will be back in Arctic Bay, but odds are they’ll never quite forget this Arctic vacation.

Around the World: Mummy Movement

Move over, spooky campfire tales; here’s a summer story That’s got plenty of chills. What’s more, It’s true!

As the Huffington Post reports, a 10-inch statue that sat still in a British museum for 80 years has started to move.

The statue, which was found in an Egyptian mummy’s tomb and is believed to be 4,000 years old, ?was originally an offering to the god Osiris.?

Although the statue remained peacefully at the Manchester Museum for nearly a century, the museum curator recently discovered that the statue had turned around. He told reporters that the artifact ?is in a case and I am the only one who has a key.?

When the movement was repeated, staff set up security tapes on time-lapse video. The result ?shows the statue moving without the help of humans.?

While some speculate that visitors? movement around the glass case is causing subtle movements, others point to the suddenness of the movement and the path the statue takes as conflicting with the theory.

Curse or not? Check out the video for yourself!