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Re: ?Convocation: the Graduates Speak,? by Taurian Guinand, v21 i23 (2013-06-21)

It’s inspiring to hear the thoughtful comments of a new graduate as he looks to the future and I want to thank you for providing this opportunity to enjoy my nephew’s convocation address at Athabasca University this year. I was very disappointed that I was unable to listen to Taurian Guinand’s remarks when they were live streamed on June 6th as I was in business meetings in Toronto at the time, and I am grateful to be able to read them now. As Taurian said, Athabasca U opens the door to higher education and infinite possibility for so many bright and talented minds.

we’re thrilled to celebrate Taurian’s accomplishment as a graduate of the Bachelor of Science (Human Science Major) with Great Distinction!

Lyn Brown (a very proud aunt) and Ray Brown (a very proud uncle)
Vancouver, BC