Click of the Wrist – Library Cool

The so-called dog days of August are here, and the AC’s on the fritz?where better to cool off than the public library? Whether You’re seeking a good read, something to watch, research tools, or one of the many, many other resources modern libraries have to offer, be sure to check out these links for some more library fun.

Library Search

Wading through Amazon’s Best Books list?and curious about whether your local library carries a particularly intriguing novel? This browser add-on, designed for Google Chrome, will allow you to customize your Amazon browsing to connect to a participating library (including libraries in Canada, the US, and Australia).

Beautiful Spaces

A good book is a work of art, but some libraries are architectural wonders in and of themselves. Enjoy mental_floss magazine’s list of the world’s most beautiful libraries; you might be inspired to visit them for yourself!

Librarians Save the Day

They may not wear capes, but librarians are superheroes?and not just when they help you find that obscure reference book. Here’s a slideshow of films that featured librarians who were cool, clever, and saved the day.