Click of the Wrist – Water Safety

The long weekend is here?and chances are that you’ve got plans to hit the beach, relax at the cottage, or go fishing out on the lake. You’ve packed your swimsuit, your tackle, and a great, relaxing read. But wait: before heading for the water, take a moment to refresh yourself on water safety. Ensure that your holiday has a happy ending!

Suit Up

Even if You’re a strong swimmer, you still can drown in a boating accident if You’re not wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). According to the Canadian Red Cross, 88 per cent of boating accident deaths in Canada are a result of drowning. Click the link for a checklist of what to look for when shopping for the one article of ?clothing? that could save your life. More detailed information on Canadian recommendations for life jackets and PFDs is here.

Summer Chills

The sun may be shining and the air temperature comfortable, but the water is often a different story; more than half of Canadian drowning deaths took place in water that was less than 10 degrees C. Cold water brings additional challenges to those trying to stay afloat. Click the link to watch videos and get educated about the realities of cold water immersion?and how to survive it.

How to Save a Life

No one plans for it, but accidents happen?and unfortunately, the would-be rescuer is often also at risk. Be prepared and learn how to rescue a drowning victim while staying safe yourself.