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At Home: Calling the Cops

If you’ve got concerns about your personal property, you should call a security expert, and if there’s an immediate threat, the police. But you might want to rethink this if the property You’re trying to protect is illegal?as one Ontario woman recently learned.

As the Toronto Sun reports, the 46-year-old woman called the police last week ?seeking tips on how to prevent someone from breaking into her home and stealing her pot plants.?

Although the officer who received the call ?reminded the woman that she was talking to a police officer on a recorded line,? she continued to discuss her concerns. A police spokesperson told reporters that the woman was worried about ?[getting] violently robbed.?

A couple of days after the phone call, a drug enforcement unit discovered ?$6,000 in marijuana plants . . . growing in [her] house.? The woman was ?charged with production of marijuana and possession of marijuana.?

Around the World: Back from the Grave

In the midst of mourning, a family received a shocking surprise: the woman they’d just buried wasn’t related to them at all, and the family member they’d thought dead was in fact alive.

As USA Today reports, 50-year-old Sharolyn Jackson ?turned up alive nearly two weeks after her family held a funeral and burial for her.?

Jackson, who had been ?receiving treatment for drug and mental health problems,? was reported missing in mid-July. Around the same time, a woman resembling her was found in the streets; when paramedics brought her to a hospital, she passed away.

Photos of the body were identified by one of Jackson’s sons and a social worker who had been helping to treat Jackson. While the resemblance wasn’t complete?the nose looked different?Jackson’s family ?assumed something had happened to the nose during the embalming process.? Jackson’s mother told reporters that the deceased woman looked ?so much like Sharol [that] they could be sisters.? The funeral was held August 3.

Last week, however, Jackson reappeared?and ?police confirmed her identity through fingerprints.? She was also indentified by her son, who realized they’d made a ?terrible mistake.?

The deceased woman is still unidentified, but authorities plan to exhume the body ?in hopes of correctly identifying it.?