Click of the Wrist – Trying the New

September’s here, and for schoolkids and university students It’s all about the new: new classes, new books, new school supplies, and maybe a few new outfits thrown in. It’s also a great time for all of us, students or not, to try a few new experiences before the fall schedule gets too busy. Check out these links for ideas!

Go Veg

Want to ditch those bad summer eating habits? The fall is the perfect time to explore healthier and more environmentally conscious diet plans. September is the food blogging world’s Vegan Month of Food?known as Vegan MoFo?and It’s a wellspring of vegan recipes, product reviews, and musings on all things vegan.

Juggling It All

Whether you planned to join the circus as a kid or just want to learn a cool trick to impress your friends now, learning to juggle is a fun and simple pastime?if you start out with the basics, that is. The above video guides you through basic juggling for three balls; for more tricks, both beginner and advanced, check out these videos.

Change It

Most of us drive cars, but only a very small percentage of us know how to take care of them. offers a series of free how-to videos on the basics of car maintenance, including changing oil, changing tires, and more. For a more hands-on experience, check your local community for classes offered by community centres and garages.