Click of the Wrist – Falling Leaves

With the hectic back-to-school rush behind us, It’s time to focus on the little pleasures of September: the beautiful autumn colours, the crunch of fallen leaves on the path, the crisp air, and that gentle yet striking scent of fall on misty mornings. Celebrate the first weekend of fall by exploring its strongest symbol, the leaf, from various points of view:

The Artist

Every fall, Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran Silva gathers leaves and turns them into delicate, intricate artwork. This Daily Mail article showcases some of his creations and explains the process?and how one little slip can destroy hours of work. For more of Silva’s work, check out this link.

The Writer

From short story genius O. Henry comes one of my favourites: ?The Last Leaf,? a tale of courage and sacrifice. Caution: Kleenex required!

The Scientist

In case you’ve forgotten your fourth-grade science class?and who hasn’t??here’s a primer on why leaves change colour in the fall and what can affect the colour intensity from year to year. SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry explains the science behind the beauty.

The Traveller

Are you on a quest for the most beautiful fall foliage in the nation? Check out the Huffington Post‘s picks for awe-inspiring fall scenery across Canada.