E-Text Initiative – What You Need to Know, Part II

This fall AU is rolling out the first phase of its e-text initiative, which will eventually see the university make the switch from textbooks to electronic books in all its courses. However, the process will be gradual, and you may not see any changes in course materials for some time?even if You’re taking courses that fall under the first phase of the initiative.

This two-part series addresses student questions and concerns that have arisen during the initial implementation of the e-text initiative. Part I discussed whether or not you will need to purchase an e-reader. In short: don’t, at least not right away. Not all e-readers will be compatible with the e-texts, and not all courses will be using e-texts immediately, since even courses falling under phase 1 will be using up their stockpile of textbooks before giving students access to the e-texts. The time frame will depend on how quickly the university’s stock is depleted. For further details, see the Voice coverage here.

Access: At Home and On the Go

Once You’re enrolled in a course That’s currently using e-texts, you may have additional questions about how you may access and use the texts.

If You’re on the go or wish to read your e-texts offline, you can access texts through the downloadable Bookshelf for PC/Mac and Bookshelf apps for iOs, Android, and Kindle Fire. Hoping for the freedom to access your texts across several devices? At this time AUSU believes that ?that you will be able to install your texts on up to two computers, AND up to two mobile devices.?

Further information can be obtained here.

If you prefer hard copies of your textbooks, be aware that if you are enrolled in a course that is using e-texts, ?you will only have the option to receive the electronic version of the text with your course registration,? AUSU notes. While you may obtain a hard copy yourself (at a discounted rate), you will still be responsible for the course materials fee for electronic copy.
AUSU is ?working with the university to try to reinstate the option to buy hardcopy books.?

If you wish to print a copy and read it like a hard copy textbook, you’ll want to note that the user agreements allow students to print a copy at home for personal use. However, AUSU notes that ?as far as we know at this time you will not have an option to print the entire book in a single operation. You may have to print one page at a time.? In the near future, AUSU plans to test e-text printability.

The e-text initiative is new and still in its first phase, so be aware that changes may occur. As the initiative is implemented across the university, keep following AU’s official e-text website in order to stay informed of changes or other important information.