Did You Know? – AUSU Site

Athabasca University Students’ Union has just unveiled its long awaited new website. Built in a much more modern style, the new website has been designed with new touch-screen technology in mind and includes the new logo graphic for AUSU. This logo is supposed to convey the core values of open, electronic communication, peer support, and creativity wrapped in a cover that suggests the books, laptops, and e-readers that are the key learning materials available to AUSU members.

AUSU is in the process of updating many of the online services it provides including the course surveys and mentor system, but has already introduced a new live chat system on its front page. This system, requested by students, provides an option to ask a question of AUSU without ever having to be on hold or call internationally.

Upcoming events and polls for students are now shown prominently on the front page, and using the traditional AUSU colors, AUSU has divided its’ offerings into three categories: Governance, Services, and Members. These divisions have been made to make it easier and faster for students to reach the things they most often use, whether they’re at home at their desk-top or on the go with their smart phones.

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