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In Remembrance

Meaningful Medals
CBC gives us a pictorial look at the medals, and stories behind them, of a number of Canadian servicemen. If you want Remembrance Day to be something beyond abstract concepts, this is a good place to see some of the people that we pause for on November 11th.

If you’re the crafty sort, this site gives a step by step guide to making your own realistic looking poppy out of paper. Of course, being realistic means it looks almost nothing like the typical plastic poppy that you wear on your lapel. However it also means that it can be a cheery addition to a table display in the depths of winter.

The Full Poppy
Some interesting facts about poppies can be found here. Find out why you shouldn’t have a poppy-seed muffin before a drug test, why you should have them the rest of the time, and just what the link is between poppies, the US Army, and nano-technology.

The Poppy Controversy
The traditional red poppy is what most people know of Remembrance Day. However there is also a group out there that is trying to get people to wear a white poppy instead, to symbolize the sacrifices for peace rather than the sacrifices of war.

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