Council Connection

At the most recent Council Meeting, AUSU adjusted a number of policies to streamline investment planning. Part of this streamlining involves allowing Council to spend a small amount over-budget on specific line items, so long as the total amount spent remains within the budget.

More interesting, however, was information that Council has gained from meetings with the VPA Alex Kondra, and AU’s Director of Financial Services, Rocky Brown.

Tuition is increasing, as we all expected. What was not expected was that this increase will be only $4.00 per course. Challenge for credit fees, which are tied directly to course fees, will also be increasing by $3.00 per course. Aside from those, however, AU has promised no other fees will be increasing at all.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the Call Centre (aka Support Centre) model will be rolled out across all AU courses. AUSU has many concerns about this, but as Dr. Kondra has said it will definitely happen, will be refocusing its energy on ensuring the new system will address student concerns as much as possible.