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Drive-By (Camera) Shootings

Google Street View Sightings
The Google Street View cars are once again out and updating Google’s map service. Having a car whiz by taking photos of everything around it can lead to some interesting sights, however. This page gives you 28 photos of things that you don’t normally see when driving-including some you’d probably not want to.

Google Earth Oddities
If street level is too up-close and personal, you can always look at some strange pictures caught by satellite and placed into the Google Earth Application. This site will give you the places you need to search to see things you probably didn’t expect you’d ever see by satellite.

More Google Earth Oddities
Here’s some more of the strange things that satellites find. The photos of the Google Escher Effect are particularly interesting, and a good reminder that we can’t always trust what we see?especially if it’s a picture taken from over 600 kilometres in the air.

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