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Friday the 13th
If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through another Friday the 13th alive. The next one will happen in June of 2014, but until then, you can look at this link to see the history of the day and how it became known as an unlucky one.

On Display
From tales about the NSA working with Canada to spy on the G20, to the revelations of Ed Snowden about how the US government is intercepting just about every phone call out there, the idea of personal privacy is taking a beating. Some, however, are getting ahead of the curve and simply setting up personal cameras to show what they do all the time. This link will let you look at camera feeds made public by their owners and include things from animal pens in zoos to public intersections in the city of Waxahachie.

For the person who has everything
Do you have one of those exceptionally hard to buy for people on your list? Do you ever wish they’d just make a list of something, anything, just to take a bit of stress out of your life at this time of year? Perhaps what you need to do is pick up something from this list to encourage them to do better next year. When they ask you why you’d give them such a thing, just say, “It’s one thing I knew you wouldn’t have.”