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At Home:Quebec Education Minister deals with Sit-In

The group Collectif éducation sans frontières organized a sit-in at the office of the Education Minister in Quebec on Tuesday morning. The purpose of the occupation was to demand a commitment from the minister to open Quebec’s primary and secondary schools to “non-status immigrant children”, or more simply, children in the country illegally.

CBC reported that by Tuesday afternoon, the protestors had left peacefully and no arrests had been made, but while the government claimed that it had been making significant moves to help these children, members of the group reported that in some cases, these children were not allowed to register, or only allowed to register after paying fees ranging from $5,000 to $6,000 per child.

Around the World: US & Canadian Medical Programs Make Landmark Agreement

The American Medical Association (AMA) is reporting that they have come to an agreement with their counterparts in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). This agreement will enable the two associations to set standards for accreditation that will be recognized by either association no matter which of the two countries the student was trained in.

The president of the Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada says that the agreement will allow them to “fulfill our mandate to create an alignment of accreditation across the continuum from medical school to residency training to continuing medical education in Canada.” With the agreement, Canadian programs will have some flexibility to address some of the differences from unique national demands.

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