Click of the Wrist

Winter Diversions

Winter Sprinter
Just a quick little one-button game, where you try to keep your snowman running long enough to get to the refrigerator truck. Spongelab also has other holiday themed games from previous years, including perhaps the weirdest take I’ve ever seen on The Incredible Voyage.

On Display
This is 10 of the most amazing light displays that people have put up for the Christmas Season. While I’m happy if we manage to get the tree lit, some people have a lot more energy and effort invested in making the season a show.

Resolutions Resolution
This link gives us five of the most common resolutions that fail, and ways to revamp them so that they may actually work to get what you want. If you’re the type of person who has given up on New Year’s Resolutions because they never seem to last, this site may have an answer for you.